Host internships through work integrated learning courses

Your Internships could be ANY opportunity you have available (paid or unpaid) which may relate in some way to the students studies – this could be in marketing, social media, information technology, data analytics, engineering, the list goes on.

Internships can be linked to an accredited work experience course, thus allowing the student to do meaningful work within your organisation and gain course credit whilst completing it. The placement can centre around a stand-alone project or be part of a bigger opportunity, so long as the focus will allow the student to develop their skills and competencies within the degree they are working towards.

The intern roles need to be organised prior to the beginning of the semester to align with courses, so we highly encourage that you register your interest in taking on an intern a few months prior, to allow time for us to advertise and shortlist the candidates, for you to then be able to make your final decision.

Where to next?

Contact us on the details below to discuss the opportunity further. 

If you have an internship ready to share with us/our students, please post it as a job here, and we'll tag this as an internship opportunity when it comes through to us for approval.

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